When Old Becomes New Again

Old-fashioned Easter dressPart of Perfect Moment Mondays…

I’m not a saver. In fact, I’ve thrown plenty of things out that I come to regret later. Whether this is a symptom of just always being on the move and living in mostly modest square footage, or because I like being free of things after growing up in a home where we held onto literally everything, I’m only just now seeing the beauty in my mother’s plan.

My brothers and I always knew we’d one day be reunited with all the trappings of our childhood, but had no idea when. Then, after Reagan was born, I started to receive special care packages. Several times a year my mother sends me a box, filled with things from my childhood from the age Reagan is at now. While she was still an infant, I received the crib ruffle and blankets from my own crib. I of course, didn’t recognize them, but felt a connection just the same.

Family Affair Buffy vintage paper dollThis past year, I’ve started to recognize the mementos I receive in these boxes, including my vintage 1968, Family Affair, Buffy paper doll, which I carefully put away for a time when Reagan can be trusted to handle such a rare and special gem, like possibly… never? Just kidding. I’m sure I’ll trust her with it by the time I trust her with the car keys.

And then came this dress. As I pulled it from the box, memories of my mother sewing it and me standing beside her at her machine when I was all of five-years-old came rushing back. I had no idea she kept it. But, of course, why wouldn’t she? I loved this dress. There are pictures of me in it hunting for Easter eggs and cheesing for the camera and I fell in love with it all over again as soon as I laid eyes on it.

So, while it is still a bit big for Reagan at four years of age, has yellowed stains and the elastic at the bottom of the sleeves is deteriorated, I couldn’t resist putting Reagan in it for her first professional Easter photo last week. Because a dress like this deserves a professional photo.

Even better, after I explained it was Mommy’s dress when she was her age, and that Grandma made it, she has been just as enthralled with it as I was. In fact, she has almost no interest in the brand new Easter dress I just purchased for her and had another pose done in, quickly changing back to Mommy’s Easter dress and not taking it off for the rest of the day. She even insisted on napping in it.

So, thank you Mom, for your forethought. I can’t wait to find out what is coming next.

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