What is Your Greatest Challenge as a Mompreneur?

OMG. I just made my first ever YouTube video! What would make me do such a thing? Well, I love a challenge, and decided to take on one by MomBizCoachAcademy.com in order to win a conference pass to the much acclaimed EVO conference next month in Park City, Utah. EVO is a social media conference attended by mompreneurs all over the country and is an opportunity to grow my social media business, network and make contacts with great brands who need me as much as I need them. And, when I go for something, I go all the way.

So, here you go… my answer to the question posed by MomBizCoach, Lara Galloway:

“What is Your Greatest Challenge as a Mompreneur?”


How about you? How would you answer the same question?

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    Great job! I love how we ensure our makeup is great is when we’re on video :) You look amazing! And I love the way you call yourself a mom, blogger and social media architect. I think that’s such a perfect way to describe what you do – so much better than anything else I’ve heard said. I’m so gonna steal it, with your permission. Great going, lady!

    • 4


      Hahaha! Thanks, Jo. Danny asked if I got all dressed up for him and I said, “Ummm… of course, honey!” 😀

      I don’t know where that word “architect” came from actually, but afterwards thought, “yeah, that kind of covers it, I guess.” So hard to describe what we do. You’re welcome to steal it!


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