Walmart-To-Go Home Delivery Service: 16 Pros and Cons

8 Pros and Cons of Walmart-To-Go Home Delivery Service

Walmart-To-Go is a new home delivery and in-store pick-up service being offered by Walmart in select markets across the U.S. Denver is one of the lucky first markets to be tested. I was thrilled to be asked to try it out. It came at just the right time for us. I had just begun working part-time and getting to the grocery store had become a challenge. And, truth be told, I’ve never liked grocery shopping anyway.

Having our groceries delivered has meant never running out of milk and Reagan’s lunches are easily made.

Home delivery starts at $5.00 for delivery within a 4-hour time slot and $7.00 for a 2-hour time slot. Pick-up from designated super centers is free, though locations are currently limited. Minimum order for home delivery is just $35.

Over the past few months I’ve had a dozen or so Walmart-To-Go deliveries made to my home. I’ve ordered everything from produce and toiletries to household items. I have not tried the pick-up service. Here are the pros and cons as I experienced them with the home delivery service:

Walmart-To-Go Pros:

  1. 8 Pros and Cons of Walmart-To-Go Home Delivery ServiceSave time: Walmart-To-Go’s website is easy to navigate and makes it simple to repeat your order as often as you like. You can even set up delivery reminders. I can complete my order online within 15 minutes versus what would take me at least an hour of shopping at the store.
  2. Save money: Eliminate impulse shopping and order only what you need. Save on gas making grocery runs too.
  3. Eat healthier: You’ll make healthier choices when shopping online than when confronted with junk food in the aisles in the store. Especially if you’re shopping while hungry. It’s also easier to always have fresh produce at home if you order often.
  4. Dependability: Walmart’s delivery people will call you 30 minutes out from when they expect to arrive. Only once was Walmart unable to deliver our groceries within the 2-hour scheduled delivery slot. It happened right after they were featured on a local TV network and orders exploded. My delivery man told me there just weren’t enough delivery people to cover their sudden new popularity. By the time I ordered again, everything was back to normal.
  5. Great for meal planning: If you find your recipes online as I do, it’s so easy to order what you need from the Walmart-To-Go website at the same time. Even if you use cookbooks, instead of making a paper list, just type the items in on-line and place your order. Soon, you’ll even be able to meal plan and order your groceries all from the same smart phone app with Walmart’s recent acquisition of YumPrint. 
  6. Great for home-bound people: Order groceries to be delivered to your elderly or sick family members to make sure they always have what they need.
  7. Friendly service: Walmart’s delivery people are always very happy, kind and respectful. I was surprised to learn that they are not allowed to accept tips!
  8. Shopping lists and favorite items: Set up and save multiple reusable lists for staples, school lunches, holiday parties, etc. Your favorite items that you order regularly are automatically saved and make re-ordering easy.

Walmart-To-Go Cons:

  1. 8 Pros and Cons of Walmart-To-Go Home Delivery ServiceNo coupons: If you’re a coupon-clipper, you’re out of luck. However, the same sale items you would find in store, are also available on-line.
  2. Produce and meat selection up to someone else: If you’re picky about your produce and meat selections, this service may not be for you. I’ve never received anything over-ripe or bruised, so I’ve been pleased with the choices made for the most part. I did receive a dented can of vegetables once. When picking out my own, I avoid dented cans, even though I’m not sure it really makes a difference.
  3. Items may be substituted: You can set your preferences to allow for substitutions in all cases, no cases or on a case-by-case basis determined by you. I usually allow for substitutions and 9 times out of 10, two or more items have had to be substituted. Typically it’s just a for a different brand or size. In the case of substitutions, you will always receive the lower of the two prices, even if the item substituted costs more.
  4. Missing items: If an item is missed, there is a number to call Walmart-To-Go or you can bring your receipt into the store and resolve it there. I had one order missing a box of toothpicks. It wasn’t worth the trouble to me to call it in, or to go in with my receipt. Not sure if they make a special delivery of your missed items when you call or not. But, going into the store for a missed item kind of defeats the purpose of home delivery for me.
  5. Less variety than in store: They could still be working on this, but it appears to me that there are less items available on-line than when I’m shopping the aisles of Walmart. However, the amount of items available is still plentiful and meets my needs.
  6. Selecting quantity of produce confusing: For produce, the options are sometimes figured by weight and sometimes by quantity. I once thought I was ordering 4 apples and received 4 lbs of apples. You have to be careful to note which it is. And, how many apples is in 4 lbs anyway? I think with time, this part of the ordering process probably gets easier and you become more accurate.
  7. No orders after midnight: I’m a night owl and several times have begun an order and selected a delivery time, only to be told I couldn’t complete my order at that time. The Walmart-To-Go scheduling system becomes unavailable after 11:45 pm and nothing can be scheduled until about 6:00 am the next morning. The downside of this is, if you were in the middle of shopping and had already scheduled your delivery, you lose your delivery slot for that day and now have to choose a new one for a day later.
  8. No Walmart gift cards or eGift cards as payment: These can only be redeemed in store for now.

As a participant in the Walmart to Go First program, I’ve received a personal invite and incentives for my time and efforts in creating this post.

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  1. 3

    mapersand says

    Are you sure about the no ordering after midnight? I’m also in Denver. I have been using Walmart To Go for a year, or more, and — like you — I’m a night owl (well, I’ve been called a “vampire” a couple times because I get up around sunset and often go to bed after sunrise), so I have been prone to make orders well after midnight. Booking the time-slot (which I do just before checking out, not before selecting my items) use to not allow me to do same-day booking. But, more recently, as long as it was before 8am, I can now book a time-slot on the same day, though only the afternoon/evening slots will be available (I assume because the 7am to 2pm booked slots are being picked and loaded by employees between midnight and 8am, while afternoon/evening slots are picked and loaded sometime after 8am).

    There is a notice that you can change your order at any time before 11:45pm before the day of delivery, but I have not run into the website not allowing me to make orders after that time.

    A comment on the save money and the lack of coupons items you covered: I have heard that the online prices for items are actually cheaper than the in-store prices. If this is true, then coupons become moot, and you save even more by using Walmart To Go.

    Agree that the employees are very nice and polite.

    Also the point about it being great for home-bound people. I’m a disabled vet who doesn’t get out of the house much (and no vehicle), and no family or friends to help out. The nice delivery folks at Walmart To Go makes shopping much easier (instead of having to rely on a once-monthly case manager visit from the VA for shopping trips), and it actually lets me see another human being once in while, though very briefly.

    Regarding missing items, I had a missing item, and I called their number and they just refunded me the amount. I also bought an item once, but it turned out to be broken. I called them, and since it would cost too much for them to return it to the manufacturer, they refunded that, as well, rather than have it picked up for an exchange. Overall, any time I have called in, the customer service has been excellent.

    I have not used the shopping lists option (I’m not sure how they work exactly, so I have just not tried it). Instead, I usually start by picking items from my Favorites items, and anything additional that isn’t in the Favorites, I usually just do a quick search for.

    The website was a little iffy in some aspects before they started updating it several months ago. Then it was kind of wonky for a month while some parts were the using the new website design, and other parts were using the old design, and they didn’t interact with each other too well. But, then they finally got everything sorted out with the new design. Other than the drop-down categories (previously they had them laid out horizontally and always visible to pick from, which I liked much better), the new website design works much better (and it’s a little prettier).

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