Valentine by Special Delivery

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They say that years three and four for children are known as the “magical years.” For sure, Reagan’s third year has been magical to witness.

Holidays have only just started to hold significance, and if not for Valentine’s Day, we’d still be celebrating Christmas. Though our tree has been down and all the decorations put away for over a month, Reagan still sings Christmas carols, talks about Santa, and loves to watch the Christmas specials we’ve saved on our DVR. Only in the past few days, has she been able to turn her focus to Valentine’s Day as we prepared her Valentines for her preschool party today.

What an entirely different meaning Valentine’s Day has for today’s school children than it did for some of us growing up. I remember the anticipation of opening my specially-decorated shoe box at the party to see what Valentines I got from whom. Did my fourth-grade crush give me one? And, which Valentine would my best friend reserve for just me? Every Valentine had meaning, from the size and message, to which carefully-selected candy hearts were contained within the envelope. You could gauge your social status by the contents of that box, or by the lack thereof.

I remember being crushed by seeing other girls get the most prized, larger Valentines, while I mostly got the nondescript ones with candy hearts that read, “Hello,” instead of “Kiss Me” or “Be Mine” from the popular boys in class. Though, I did have a few of my own surprises. Including the drug-store, red glass and silver earrings that I received from the boy who had a crush on me.

Nowadays, every Valentine has equal value, without a name on the “To:” line and distributed randomly to every class member. While I can’t help but think Valentine’s Day has just become Halloween by a different name and color scheme, I understand the intention. There is no reason to give kids another tool by which to rank themselves against each other. Valentine’s Day can be unnecessarily painful for little hearts. No need to be breaking them so early.

But, I can only assume that kids find other ways to express their true feelings outside of class – by special delivery. Reagan had just such a delivery last week from a very special friend. This is how it was told to me:

R: I heard music last night while I was sleeping, Mommy.

Me: You did? Where?

R: (lifting her shirt and putting her hand over her belly) Right here. In my heart. Next to God.

Me: (my heart melting) Was God singing to you?

R: Yeah! He was playing a pink piano and a purple guitar.

And with that one magical moment, Valentine’s Day came early this year. For me.

Creative Commons License photo credit: barbtrek

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