Top 3 Reasons to Become a Blogger

Blogging gets a bad rap. It’s still thought of as a narcissistic, attention-seeking time-killer just to post status updates on Facebook. Psychological studies have even been done on it. Bloggers are looked upon with even greater disdain. So why would anyone want to put themselves out there for such public scrutiny?

It was with great trepidation that I dipped my toe into these murky waters, along with the whole enchilada of social media. It all happened at once after exploring new career options with a career coach. My interests – writing, technology and design – all led me here, to this blog and to various other social media platforms, all of which I now utilize as a freelance graphic designer and social media manager. There is exciting growth in advertising and marketing on the web which you have to either get in front of or get out of the way. Many writing and design jobs now require familiarity with these platforms and as a writer, what better way to showcase your talents?

But there are more personal reasons that keep me blogging too. No one can discount the value I’ve experienced in any of these areas:

1. Life Journaling

This is why so many moms actually start blogging – as a record of family events to share with their children as they grow older. I have the very worst memory ever, and will sometimes read back through my posts and think, “I totally forgot about this. Thank God I wrote it down!” And, I’ve only been blogging for shortly over a year. Yep, that’s how bad my memory is. I hope one day my daughter will be able to enjoy reading about our adventures together as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them down.

2. Community

It wasn’t long after I started blogging that I began to meet people with similar interests and views through the blogosphere. We “mom bloggers” here in Colorado are very fortunate to have a community forum like Mile High Mamas where we’re able to connect with one another both on-line and in real life (IRL). Being new to the Denver area and mostly housebound as a new mom, it has been an incredible way to connect, make new friends, arrange playdates and GNO’s as well. No matter what your interest, there is a community out there to connect with through blogging that can be even more life-enriching than you know.

3. Opportunity

I never imagined there would be perks involved with blogging, but oh, yes, there are! Companies are dying to reach their target audiences in any way they can, and if you have a blog on a topic that reaches that audience, they will be pitching you left and right for anything from advertising on your blog to writing reviews in exchange for free products. Other opportunities may arise just from the connections you make, as long as you are making the effort to connect. I’ve gotten freelance jobs from people I’ve never met in real life, but have read my blog or seen me on Twitter and decided they wanted to do business with me. Your blog is your business card.

The opportunities are endless once you’ve made yourself open to them, which is what keeps me blogging. I am constantly amazed at where blogging takes me and the benefits I’ve received from it. Just like all things in life, the more time you put into it, the more fulfilling it will become.

This post part of the Back to Blogging Event, which is sponsored by Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances.

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