The Perfect Weekend

Reagan and SantaPart of Perfect Moment Mondays…

It’s not often I have a hard time choosing which part of the past week was the most perfect moment, but today I’m struggling with just that. So, rather than rule any of them more worthy than the other, I’m throwing them all in Santa’s hat:

  1. Wednesday: I baked my very first pecan pie for Thanksgiving. I was sure it was a miserable failure when it wouldn’t set even after baking it 20min longer than the recipe called for, until late that night I had an exchange on Twitter with rock star foodie, blogger and author, Ree Drummond, a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman. Her own pecan pies were taking longer than usual. Hearing that she was still up baking and mashing potatoes at 10pm, same as me, actually made me feel like a little less of a loser. I asked for some advice on my pie and next thing you know, I’m chatting with a legend. Oh, and the pie was a hit. Thanks, Ree!
  2. Thursday: So nervous about cooking only my third turkey ever for our very first Thanksgiving dinner party, I researched and fretted over to brine, or not to brine for days. Danny had bought a Butterball and the advice ran both ways on whether or not to brine an already saline-injected turkey. I decided to err on the side of caution and not brine, but did follow the advice of some top turkey chefs for filling and roasting a turkey. After undershooting the cooking time and missing our “half-time” window at 4pm, there was no stopping the game to eat. Dinner was ready just as the clock ran out and the Saints pulled out another squeaker at 6pm. Everyone was famished, but celebratory, and declared my turkey to be most delicious – a great success – and altogether worth the wait.
  3. Christmas treeFriday: We put up our Christmas tree. It’s plastic. And, all of three feet tall because anything bigger wouldn’t fit it in our cramped cozy, little condo. To Reagan, it is the most glorious tree ever and today she picked out a shiny, pink star to put on top – which she could reach. It’s the first tree she has ever decorated, and so to us, is more beautiful than any Norway Spruce lit up at Rockefeller Plaza.
  4. Saturday: Our 2nd annual pilgrimage to Outdoor World to visit Santa. Reagan had rehearsed what she would say for two days and was on the edge of her car seat the whole drive there. Before it was even her turn, she darted down the red carpet to jump in his lap. We called her back, and then let her go when all was clear. Without any fear, she sat on Kris Kringle’s knee and recited her wish list: PlayDoh cupcakes, Princess cupcakes (I have no idea either), and a Dora playhouse. We watched as she nodded her head vigorously to the question of whether or not she had been a good girl. Was there any doubt? It was the moment she had been preparing for all year and now that it had come, all there was to do now… is wait.


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    • 4


      Too cute, Erica. I remember that feeling when Christmas “arrived.” Isn’t it great to get to experience Christmas as a child all over again through our kids? Bliss.

    • 6


      I was so excited. We had just watched “Julie & Julia” a few days before, so when I told Danny about our exchange, it gave him some perspective on just how cool it was.

  1. 7


    I love that photo of Reagan. She’s adorable and so attentive. Talk about being in the moment.
    The holiday season has truly begun for you. Now take the pressure off. It’ll all be fun.

    • 8


      Thanks, Robin. Now just preparing for two trips next month, and getting Christmas cards and presents in the mail. No pressure. It’s going to be a fun month! :-)

  2. 9


    I’m here sharing in your Perfect Moment Monday.

    I’m impressed with your cooking skills and courage to try new things. And the story about Santa is awesome.

    It gets me in the spirit of the holidays. Thanks for sharing your Perfect Moment!

  3. 12


    What a wonderful weekend! You got cooking advice from Ree? You are my hero. 😮 She’s amazing (you are too).

    Where is the Outdoor World for Santa? It sounds like something we should add to our traditions. The kids haven’t been to see Santa in the past couple of years and we really need to get that going again since we’re verging on the age of “it’s not real”. Yikes!

    This year was the first year I’d heard of brining a Turkey. I also chose not to Brine because that’s how I’ve done it the 3 times I’ve made a turkey too. We actually made two turkeys, one for eating and one for leftovers. Turkey Day was a success – everyone ate tons, laughed a lot and lingered – my qualifications of success. :)

    So glad your first hosting went well! Congrats!

  4. 13

    Glenda Fletcher says

    Awwwwwwww – what an adorable picture of Reagan & Santa. So cut she rehearsed for 2 days :) Looking forward to seeing her…and you!


  1. […] as well. As with everything I’ve baked since moving to Denver – from flat-top cupcakes to soggy pecan pie – they knew just how to get a rise out of me. The dough was sticky and the cookies undercooked. […]

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