The One Must-Have Item for Your Kid’s Lemonade Stand

Panasonic Home Surveillance SystemSummer takes its time coming to Colorado, but that doesn’t deter Reagan, my eight-year-old daughter. She’s had her heart set on setting up a lemonade stand for as long as I can remember and finally set up her first lemonade stand (with my help) last month in the 50-degree weather. 

Up until last year, we had lived at the very back corner of a condominium complex where selling lemonade would not have proved to be very lucrative. It also would’ve been very difficult for to keep an eye on her from our third-story condo on the opposite side of the parking lot. So, when we moved into this house a year ago, I ran out of excuses. This is now our second summer in this house and I could keep her waiting no longer.

I was still concerned about her venturing far from the front yard, and made Mr. Bird sit out there with her and her friends. Despite the cold weather, the neighbors rallied and Reagan sold out of her lemonade within a few hours. It might’ve helped a little that Reagan actually started going door-to-door asking people if they wanted to buy her fresh-squeezed lemonade. Mr. Bird says she gets that from me.

After all the lemonade was gone and the Ovaltine can was full of money, the girls thought they had made the big bucks! I hated to disappoint them, but after subtracting all the supplies and the starting bank money, they ended up at – $10. Which is actually better than Mr. Bird and I expected. And, it was a great teaching moment for Reagan about just how hard starting a business is.

Panasonic Home Surveillance System Failure does not deter that girl. She’s ready to set up her next lemonade stand soon. And next time, I don’t have to depend on Mr. Bird to be outside with her while I work inside. I have something new that will not only help me to keep an eye on Reagan’s lemonade stand, but also on anything else she and her friends might be doing in our front yard this summer. We will soon be setting up our new Panasonic Home Surveillance System KX-HN6002, which will allow me to watch everything going on outside from my smart phone! This way, I can be anywhere in the house and still keep an eye on my little girl. Will be convenient when we travel too, knowing our home is always safe. The Smart Plug KX-HNA101 is something we’ve really needed for a long time. It allows us to plug one light into the unit which plugs into a regular outlet and then turn the light on or off remotely with our smart phone when we’re out of the house. 

Looking forward to Reagan’s next Lemonade stand as much as she is now, knowing I can keep an eye on her no matter what else I have going on. Thanks, Panasonic!

Disclaimer: Panasonic provided me with a Home Monitoring System and Smart Plug for the purposes of this post. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are my own and without influence by Panasonic.

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