The First Day that Wasn’t

Daddy and PrincessDo you ever feel like just when the prize is within reach, someone changes the game? I imagined that’s how my husband felt, though he did his best to hide his disappointment yesterday when what was supposed to be his first day back in the cockpit since February 21st, 2008, didn’t actually happen.

Danny had spent the night before pressing his uniform and packing his bag for a four-day trip that would be his Tour de France ala Lance Armstrong. He sprung out of bed at 7am sharp and by 8am was out the door to the old office, DIA, but not before snapping a pic with our princess for posterity’s sake. By 8:30am he had discovered his flight had been canceled because the Captain he was scheduled to fly with had called in sick.

Only a minor setback, for sure. Danny’s first day will come soon enough and will most likely be next week. But, after all the build-up and anticipation, waiting for this day to arrive for so long, it was a bit deflating.

So in the next week or so, we’ll take another “First Day Back” pic, and laugh about how life just seems to keep playing us a Tango: one step forward, two steps back. Eventually the song ends, and even though you might be right back where you started from, getting there gracefully with your partner is what matters.

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