The 9 Lies and 1 Truth in Obama’s Speech Following Supreme Court Decision on Obamacare



Bear with me here, as I know this post is a departure from my normal posts about places we’ve visited or the joys of raising Reagan. Sometimes, I need to talk about something more important such as how America is being re-shaped into something entirely unrecognizable. That’s why I keep that category up there, “Liberty Lover,” for posts such as this when I feel compelled to write them. For, whether you are political or not, the decisions being made on your behalf, affect you and your family.

Today is one of those days. One of the most important days in American history as time will reflect.

I wasn’t shocked to see President Obama’s nose begin to grow as soon as he started speaking to the American people today following the Supreme Court’s decision on the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). I had to keep pausing his speech just so I could keep up with all the untruths as quickly as they came out of his mouth. And since, much of America will hear his speech and decide whether or not today’s Supreme Court ruling was a good thing or not based on it, I wanted to Tweet each and every lie that came out of his mouth, with the hopes that people would realize, they’re being played. Again.

I only wish I had had more than 140 characters so I could include documentation, but that’s why I have a blog.

As one Tweep who must’ve been getting fed up with the political debate passing through her feed put it…



Surprisingly, I had just one person ask me to back up what I was saying. It was surprising because I know calling the President a liar is no small thing. And, I don’t do it lightly. But, if he isn’t a liar than he must be a fool because he can’t possibly believe the things he is saying.

I told my Twitter friend that I would gladly back everything up that I said, if she cared to pass on her email address since there was way too much information to share over Twitter. She took me up on it.

So, as long as I was going to do all this information gathering, I might as well share it all in a blog post with you:



Remember when Republicans started warning that the ACA law would be a new tax on all Americans, rich and poor? Democrats didn’t want people to think that, so, they all went out of their way to sell people on the idea that it wasn’t a tax, but a mandate that all Americans buy insurance. If they didn’t, there would be a “penalty.” Here is the President going on the record with George Stephanopoulus to sell that idea to the American people. The mandate was the key factor in the bill and it was this key factor that was struck down by the court. The court decided it was unconstitutional to require people to buy health insurance. Exactly what Obama and the Democrats were fighting for.

‘Though this key factor of President Obama’s healthcare reform was struck down, it is not a complete loss for the bill. The bill itself can stand with proper revisions made to it. Chief Justice Roberts wrote in the majority opinion, “When a court confronts an unconstitutional statute its endeavor must be to to conserve, not destroy the legislation.”

That is why the bill will now go back to Congress to be reformed AS A TAX. That is the only way it could be upheld, as the Supremes saw it their duty to do according to Robert’s statement above. Even though it has never been the Supreme Court’s job to re-write laws. This move is without precedent and many are calling it unlawful in itself, including Justices Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas and Alito. Read their dissenting opinion to understand why.

“The Affordable Healthcare Act will be upheld. Though it is unconstitutional to require citizens to have healthcare, it is not unconstitutional to tax them for the mandate. Congress will have to spend more time reviewing this act and revising the proper aspects of it to make it abide by the Supreme Court’s standards.”

“Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness,” Roberts said.

Therefore, the Supreme Court did not deem ACA itself Constitutional, only Congress’ authority to levy a new tax through the legislative process.



This one’s easy. Even before Obamacare passed Congress with a completely partisan vote (not one Republican voted for it), polls have shown the American people are against it. As of this Monday, Rasumussen reports that 54% of Americans still favor repeal of Obama’s health care law.



Several reasons this is not true, or will only be true for a very, very short amount of time.

1. The cost to cover employees will be much greater than the tax imposed not to. Smart businesses who want to stay competitive, will drop employee insurance plans and let employees be carried by the government plan. Simple economics. Four different independent agencies originally estimated the number of people to lose coverage through their employers to be between 11 million and 35 million. The CBO predicts 20 million in its’ worst case scenario. Where is the security in those numbers?

2. Many individual-market (non-group) insurance premiums are increasing dramatically as a result of this law. I’ve seen many of my self-employed friends report they can no longer afford their insurance premiums. Insurance companies are passing the cost of adding millions more people to their rolls onto us. Did anyone really think they were going to pay for it?

3. The law’s very own architect, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, who once promised Obamacare would reduce costs for all Americans, is now saying it will raise costs by 19-30%  to the uninsured, even after subsidies. One reason is because “Obamacare forces insurers to offer more benefits, requires them to spend more money on health expenses, and subsidizes the consumption of richer insurance packages. The laws of economics dictate that these costs will get passed down to consumers.”



Everyone knows there is no such thing as a free lunch. The costs of providing preventative care services, which will increase the overall cost of health insurance as described by, will be passed onto you.  And the poor will feel the brunt of these costs, paying for insurance they can’t afford, or a tax they can’t afford either.



In addition to the fact that not one Republican supported ACA, neither did many Democrats who had to be strong-armed or bribed to vote for it, i.e. The Louisiana Purchase. And then you have everyday Americans, the majority of which did not want this law and still don’t. See the Rasmussen Poll cited in Lie #2.



See Lie #3.



Obama has said himself, that the goal is a single-payer system:



Obamacare is designed to funnel everyone into one government-run healthcare system (single-payer), and progressives have made it no secret:

“…75 members of the caucus have already signed onto a bill by Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) to create a single-payer, publicly financed, privately delivered universal health care program. The proposal would essentially build on and expand Medicare, under which all Americans would be guaranteed access to health care regardless of an ability to pay or pre-existing health conditions.”

How do we get there from here? Easy. Point #1 under Lie #3: Employers will start dropping employee healthcare plans like hotcakes and pay the lower cost tax instead to save money and stay competitive. Once there are no more employer-provided plans, everyone will be on the single-payer system run by the government.



Where to begin. Look at the quality health care system they have in Britain. Yes, everyone will have insurance, but quality? Affordable?

No, costs will go up – see Lie #3. And care will be rationed:


Medicare will bear the brunt of rationing, which means seniors will suffer the most under the ACA:

At a hearing today on Capitol Hill, Illinois congressman Peter Roskam had this question for Scott Gottlieb, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute: “Under IPAB, will healthcare providers ability to provide care to patients be affected by reimbursements being cut for particular services?” IPAB (the Independent Payment Advisory Board) is the fifteen-member board created by Obamacare to determine Medicare payments.

“I think it absolutely will,” Gottlieb said in response to Roskam’s question.

Later, in the same testimony, Roskam asked the expert more directly about rationing: “Rationing as you know is not defined in the statute. Let me ask you this: can you have per se rationing based on what the Independent Payment Advisory Board makes decisions to reimburse?”

“Sure, you’re going to have payment driven so low in some settings that certain services won’t be available. Physicians won’t be available to take patients,” said Gottlieb.




Nowhere in the decision will you find anything resembling this statement. See Lie #1. In fact, these quotes from Justice Roberts would suggest just the opposite:

“It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”

“We do not consider whether the Act embodies sound policies. That judgment is entrusted to the Nation’s elected leaders.”

“Members of this Court are vested with the authority to interpret the law; we possess neither the expertise nor the prerogative to make policy judgments. Those decisions are entrusted to our Nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”




Obviously, this should say Truth #1, not #10. And clearly, this was not good politics. Obama has just galvanized the majority of the nation who wanted ACA overturned against him. Need proof? Romney has raised 2.5 million dollars today since the SCOTUS decision was released.


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