Snow Angels and Gingerbread Men

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Part of Perfect Moment Mondays…

Snow in Denver is heavenly. It’s as soft as your mother’s silk face powder she keeps on her dressing room table, as light and fluffy as powdered sugar piled over a plate of beignets, and twinkles like glitter sprinkled on top of fresh Elmer’s glue. No wonder every kid is drawn to it. Mine is no different and can not wait to go outside and sink her boots in.

Waking up to fresh snow on Monday morning, it was hard to get Reagan to swim class. The promise of snow angels after lunch and nap time made for the quickest transition from kitchen table to bed I’ve ever seen. And as promised, we suited up to enjoy the snow before night fall.

“I want to make snow angels! And snow gingerbread men!” she shouted as she pulled on her pink rubber-toed snow boots.

Snow angels was about all we could do as the snow was still too powdery to form a ball. No snowball fights or snowmen would happen today. So we kicked it and flung it and rolled in it and generally enjoyed it’s temporary bliss, because the best part of all about Denver snow…

It’s gone within three days.


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