RideSafer Travel Vest Review and Giveaway!

Ride Safer Travel Vest Review and Giveaway!Traveling with kids can be stressful, especially at the Holidays when you might have even more baggage than usual. The RideSafer® Travel Vest is one way to lighten your load… no more big, bulky car seat! Watch my review on our experience using the RideSafer Travel Vest 3 – the booster seat alternative – for the first time on a recent trip to Florida, and then enter to win your own RideSafer Travel Vest in the Rafflecopter below!


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  1. 10

    melissa barnes walker says

    metal loops hold it in place. this would come in handy for me. I have two boys with autism. My oldest still uses a booster seat but tends to try to slip his seat belt down.

    • 18


      That’s a great idea for all taxis around the world. I’ve also never understood why they haven’t invented child restraints for school buses. Makes absolutely no sense. Buses wreck all the time and there’s no protection for our children.

  2. 21

    heather says

    I watched the video and the medal loop keeps the shoulder harness in place and the loops on the lap harness help too.

  3. 24

    cindy caudle says

    yellow metal loops

    my son recently was injured in a wreck just because he had moved the seat belt so this is a good idea

  4. 27


    I watched your video and looked all over the website but didn’t see a name for it. I saw a ‘tether’ that is sold for it. I saw the shoulder loop that the seat belt is put in. Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for.
    I will say that, other than the vest being very expensive, I think it’s a fabulous idea. I’ve said for years that they need to revamp the seatbelt for kids but also for adults, particularly the short adults. My seatbelt always comes across my throat and is very uncomfortable. Ultimately, I end up tucking it under my arm or behind my back which would not protect me in an accident.


  5. 31

    Jessica G says

    Love this! To answer the question, it’s the metal loops on the shoulder of the vest and the waist of the vest.

  6. 34

    Emi says

    I really like the feature the eliminates discomfort on the shoulder. The seatbelt in our cars practically is strangling them at the neck and when I am not watching, they put it behind their back. This is great.

    • 35


      Emi, I’ve had other kids ride in our car who immediately put the belt behind their back which makes me wonder if they always ride that way. Scary!

    • 37

      Tamar says

      I hope you approve my comment. I think I am the only one who answered the widget question. Maybe you’re not approving them so that no one cheats? I didn’t :) Thanks and happy new year, hope you didn’t get as much snow as we did last night!

  7. 40

    Rosanne says

    Not sure what you are asking for but from watching the video I saw that they put the vest on, and there is something yellow at the right top of the vest that they have to put the seat belt though.

  8. 47

    Erica H says

    The feature that keeps them in the right position would be perfect for my son who is big enough for a seat like this but not yet big enough to remember to sit the right way the whole time

  9. 72

    Talytha Webb says

    I would love to try this on an upcoming trip. I’m travelling with 3 kids and have 2 change planes. Anything to lighten the load would be great.

  10. 74


    This product should be pitched to all major travel companies… If we had known about this for our holiday in South Africa we would have definitely bought from our travel agent. Where can one buy these in Australia?

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