My Favorite Part of School is the Bus


We had our first hairy morning of the school year today, the first day of your second week of school, when you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Literally. After falling asleep in our bed late last night, Daddy carried you to your bed and placed you at the “wrong end” as you detailed when I found you quietly sobbing in your room this morning. A half an hour later, we were still wiping tears and re-making your bed “just so,” resulting in a mad rush for the bus stop with granola bar and juice box in hand. But, your smile couldn’t have been bigger when you waved goodbye to me from your seat on the bus, your head just barely clearing the bottom of the window.

Can you believe the first week of school has already come and gone? Routine is starting to set in despite several hiccups last week. Like your second day of school when we put you on the bus for the very first time, but you didn’t return on the bus home. I got a phone call just as your bus pulled up to the curb that you were in the school office waiting for me.

Most of our issues have revolved around lunch. When we picked you up on the first day and asked you how it went, you complained that recess only lasted “one minute.” The next day you said it was just “five minutes.” How’s a girl supposed to get her swing on in that short amount of time? It wasn’t until you brought home your lunch on the third day with only one bite taken out of your sandwich and nothing else, that we figured out what was going on. You couldn’t eat your lunch because then there wasn’t enough time to play in the playground, you cried. Us slow eaters have always had it rough.

One day we didn’t screw the lid on our Thermos and soaked our lunch bag and backpack with milk. And yet another day we forgot to bring it home with us altogether.

It has been fun for us to see you grow up and start becoming your own person. I’m not sad about it one bit, even though it means you are that much closer to spreading your wings and flying out of the nest. I’m so excited to see the woman you will become! And, though it will go fast, we still have lots of time to celebrate all your discoveries and accomplishments together.

Some of my favorite discoveries you had this week make my heart smile…

I asked what your favorite thing about school was so far. Your answer?

“The bus.”

I asked how you liked your teacher, you hemmed and hawed about it. Mother’s instinct told me to ask if you were getting in trouble at school. You had. For talking and not listening. Two days in a row. So, I asked if anyone else has been in trouble yet, to which you replied…

“Just the boy who spits on his shorts and licks his knees.”  

Other favorite quotes:

“I can’t wait to do homework!!! Why are you laughing?”

“Mommy, the school filled up with smoke today!” Translation: You had your first fire drill.


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