How I Ended Up in Sir Ken Robinson’s New Book: “Finding Your Element”

I’ve had a secret for the past year and a half that’s been pretty hard to keep. But, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being punked before I shared it. Turns out, it was for real!

In January of 2012, I received the following email:

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 1.40.12 PM

No fancy signature or links, just a very simple email. My excitement was couched with equal parts skepticism. I Googled Lou Aronica and found he was legitimate, but how do I know this is the real Lou Aronica emailing me? And Sir Ken Robinson? Like, for real, THE Sir Ken Robinson? New York Times Best-Selling Author, Sir Ken Robinson? TED speaker, Sir Ken Robinson? Surely this is a joke.

I emailed Lou back and we set a time for a phone call the next day. That was postponed when I got an email from him that his power went out and could we reschedule for the following Monday so he could record the conversation? I asked if he could email me some questions so I could be prepared and he said he didn’t work that way, rather, he liked the conversation to evolve on its own.

It was a long three days wondering if someone on the other end was having some fun at my expense.

When we finally spoke, Lou explained how he had Googled “Tribes” and came across my post, “Have You Found Your Tribe Yet?” in which I wrote about discovering my own Tribe. It was just the type of story he was looking for. We had a great conversation about how finding my mentor and a group of like-minded women has propelled me into a love for what I do.

Then, I waited.

Today, a year and a half later, another email from Lou, telling me Sir Ken Robinson’s book, “Finding Your Element,” is out and would I like a hard copy? Ummm… Yes, please! But, I couldn’t wait to read it. I immediately downloaded it to my Nook and searched my name. It’s all there. Everything we talked about in our interview. I wasn’t being punked after all.

Here is where my contribution begins…

Finding Your Element excerpt

Finding Your Element book coverI can’t express how thrilled I am to have played a small part in the coming together of such a valuable book by an acclaimed author that teaches “How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life.” While my life truly is a work in progress, I can say that blogging has been an important creative outlet for me that has led to other exciting ventures in social media and now travel blogging for I’m so fortunate to be able to combine a love for travel with writing. It has been the perfect partnership for my pilot husband and I as we’ve made travel blogging into a family affair.

I consider my little piece of the chapter, “Where’s Your Tribe?” to be a tribute to all the people who have played a part in my journey to “Finding My Element.” Thank you to Colorado Parent Magazine for setting me on my path with a mom makeover, Gretchen Reid of Motherhood Transitions for the valuable life and career coaching that led me to become a blogger and social media manager, Amber Johnson of for encouraging me as a blogger, Barb Likos of Chaotic Communications for being my mentor and friend,  Kim Orlando for giving me the opportunity to be part of an amazing network,, my Tribe of amazing blogger/social media friends (you know who you are) and my husband, Danny who has climbed on board with me to see where this crazy train takes us!

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    I am so glad they googled and reached you, for you nailed it about finding a tribe. Like you, I treasure my tribe as a great source of savvy, of support, of connections, of hilarity, and of belongingness.

    Kudos to you for being so eloquent!

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