Herd of Reindeer Stampede Retirement Community

Reindeer craft ornamentsPart of Perfect Moment Mondays…[topsy_retweet_small]

Okay, so they’re made of sticks and glue, and have cute, furry, red noses, but it was a stampede nonetheless!

It must have been fate when I saw a post on The Denver Post’s Mile High Mamas community forum from the Fraternal Relations Director at the Eastern Star Masonic Retirement Community in response to a woman’s post asking for volunteering suggestions for little ones. The Director said the folks at her community love visits from children.

At three-years-old, Reagan loves meeting new people and gives with total childlike abandon. She’s the perfect age to begin learning about giving back and and a retirement community was just what I had in mind.

My father was a Mason and my mother an Eastern Star. I never really knew what that meant growing up, but, it struck me as appropriate that we would now be visiting the grandmas and grandpas in the same fraternal order, since Reagan has never known my parents.

Making Christmas ornamentsOf course, we couldn’t come empty-handed. So, we worked like non-unionized elves several evenings last week crafting these adorable reindeer ornaments not just for the grandmas and grandpas, but also for Reagan’s friends at preschool and family we will be visiting at Christmas.

I now have my own set of googly eyes to show for it.

We also attempted our first “Mile-high” sugar cookies to bring with us as well. As with everything I’ve baked since moving to Denver – from flat-top cupcakes to soggy pecan pie – they knew just how to get a rise out of me. The dough was sticky and the cookies undercooked. Reagan chided, “maybe you did it wrong.”

Christmas cookies

The last batch.

By the second-t0-last batch, I had finally figured out the right alterations: more flour, 375º instead of 350º, and eight minutes instead of six. My apron’s off to the bakers of Denver. Chemistry has just never been my thing. So, rather than beat myself over the head with a spatula, I bought the rest of our cookies from a professional baker who has already figured out the right chemical equations to Mile-high Christmas cookies. They were perfect.

The folks seemed pleased too. Here are just a few of Reagan’s newly adopted grandparents:

Eastern Star Retirement Community visit

Eastern Star Retirement Community visit

Eastern Star Retirement Community visit

Tonight while I made dinner, Reagan hugged my legs long and hard, which is always her way of telling me, “thank you, Mommy. I had fun today.” The feeling was mutual. We’ll definitely be going back to visit our new friends soon – not even a herd of reindeer could keep us away.


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