Have You Found Your Tribe?

black and white postcard of nativesNo, not that kind of tribe!

I’m talking about a group of like-minded individuals that you have grown to trust, have similar goals and are supporting you in accomplishing your goals as you support them. A tribe becomes more powerful as more of its’ members share their knowledge and participate equally, taking no more than they give. For if the exchange starts to become unequal, the trust that has formed can quickly deteriorate and the tribe can fall apart.

We’ve all been a member of a tribe to one degree or another. Be it sports teams, clubs or organizations in school and beyond. The same axiom exists: the whole is greater than the sum of its’ parts. And it feels that way too.

My tribe looks a whole lot different than I ever expected it would since deciding to add social media to my portfolio of services as a graphic designer of 18 years. It began as a desire to network with other working moms in my area, through blogging, and possibly make some business contacts. I soon came across MileHighMamas.com and was quickly welcomed into the fold. Networking online and off, I’ve made some very close friends and discovered my new tribe.

These women are savvy mompreneurs, who like me, are making their way in this brand new world of social media and rather than competing against one another, as women often do, have realized their strength lies in their numbers. After just two years in their world, it’s clear that Denver is quite unique in this way, and that I’m fortunate to have found myself here, doing what I do. It has afforded me much growth and opportunity that had we moved to any other market, might not have come so easily.

Not only have I found my tribe, but I have found my mentor as well. As important as finding your tribe is to getting you further than you ever would on your own, is having someone who can guide you along the way. The awesome thing about Barb Likos is that her amazing wealth of knowledge is only trumped by the incredible size of her heart.

The very first time I called Barb, after barely having met her, was actually to talk about homeschooling. As a former teacher who decided to homeschool her own kids, I knew she would provide great insight into both worlds for me. What I didn’t know, is that she would be willing to give me so much of her time. Before we knew it, over an hour had gone by over the phone and we still had much to talk about. And, so it has been with just about every conversation since.

Everyone who knows Barb knows that she lives in an alternate world to most people, where there is plenty of opportunity to go around and the more she helps you to achieve success, the more likely she is to succeed on her own. She calls it, living a life of abundance. While others in business may hold their expertise close to their chest and look at others as their competition to be taken down, Barb is lifting people up and bringing them along side her as she pioneers new roads through the social media wilderness.

I’m happy to be just one of them, skipping through the wilderness, my tribe helping machete the undergrowth and my mentor double-checking my coordinates.

What are you doing to find your tribe? Have you considered finding a mentor or perhaps a coach?

If you’re a mom, you might want to check out MomBizAcademy.com, specifically tailored to support mom entrepreneurs with a blend of business and life coaching to help you achieve the work/family balance you need and the success you deserve!


photo credit: postaletrice

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  1. 1


    Um, wow. I really don’t even know what to say. I learn just as much from you and everyone else. I don’t feel like a mentor at all. But thank you! Thank you for being such a great friend and for being a part of my tribe. This is going to be an awesome year for all of us. I just know it.

    • 2


      You are amazing Barb and every word that Chris wrote is so true! Thanks so much for everything you do for all of us, not the least of which is just being a great friend and fun to hang out with. :)

  2. 9


    I loved your post but have to admit that it made me a little sad. I have been trying to connect with a group and ask questions, but get very few answers and the promise of monthly workshops. I would just LOVE to have a ‘Barb’ to call up and ask my bazillion questions. But I know with time I will find just the right people!

    • 10



      We’re in the same group together. Please trust those wonderful ladies will be there to help as they work on getting us off the ground. It’s hard work and takes a lot of planning, organizing, and dedication to get it done and make it success. I would be willing to help as much as I can with whatever I know. Can’t and won’t say I know everything but I’ve been blogging for well over a year and have learned a few tricks along the way. =)
      Kim recently posted..Screw Resolutions! I have GOALS


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