Escaping the Circus in the Box


An innocent, melancholy loner is delivered a package. He opens the box and is escorted into a fantastical world of acrobats and clowns through the magic of the Trickster inside.

Kooza (Circus in the Box) delivers more than just laughs and high wire acts, it transports you back to a time of wonderment and pure joy. For three hours you forget what it means to be a grown-up, shedding the cloak of real-world responsibilities to take up where you left off as a child the last time you sat with your popcorn and cotton-candy under the Big Top.

Part of the joy of parenting is being able to catch a glimpse of what it means to be a child again by watching our own children discover and experience new things amidst their carefree lives. I felt that awe again last night as I watched the colorful and elaborately-costumed acrobats perform physical feats I never dreamed were possible. It was the perfect escape for a week that’s all about escape.

IMG_2014Now on day four of what has been extended to a seven-day vacation from my own personal daily circus, I’ve surprised even myself that I’m rather enjoying it. The “Reagan pangs” come and go, and aren’t nearly as intolerable as I imagined they’d be. Yesterday, Danny called from New Orleans to ask if he and Reagan could stay until Monday instead of returning Saturday. They were invited to a birthday party. I knew I was overdue for some “me time” when trying not to sound too excited, I answered “I guess so,” after pausing the obligatory 30 seconds.

When Monday rolls around, I will be re-joining the circus. But, until then, I’ll be enjoying my life outside the box… and plotting my next escape!

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