Capitalism or Socialism? Have You Chosen Yet?

For those still undecided voters – and I know there are quite a few of you – the choice is really a lot more clear than maybe you realize. I’ll be guest-posting over at leading up to Election Day on why the choice isn’t just between two men, but between two different political philosophies and economic systems.

The first, capitalism: the system on which America was founded and grown to be the most free and prosperous nation on earth. The other, socialism: which has left most of Western Europe floundering, mired in debt and its’ people now rioting against their government’s severe (but necessary) austerity measures. See: Greece.

My first post looks at just a bit of the two candidates’ experience on economic matters and their vision for America. I hope you’ll follow the series and share with friends. There truly is, no more important of an election than this for deciding the future of America. For this you can take to the bank, once we turn that corner towards socialism, there is no turning back.

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