Adoring Eyes

Reagan with sunglassesPart of Perfect Moment Mondays…

You know what’s amazing? No matter how we see ourselves, our children only see what they want to believe about us. No one believes we are more beautiful, more amazing or more intelligent than our kids. Well, at least until they become teenagers.

Though I know this to be true of all children, it has caught me off guard since my own daughter has started to express her adoration. Yesterday, while sick as a dog and trying to make myself decent enough to go out in public, Reagan watched me applying mascara to my blood-shot and swollen eyes and cooed about how pretty I looked. It had an instant effect on me. Stronger than if it had come from any man. I melted. Though I couldn’t see what she saw, I believed in her point-of-view. And it was all that mattered.

Just before bedtime, she must have wanted to be sure I knew just how deep her adoration went, so before kissing me goodnight, she looked up at me with big, blue, unflinching eyes, traced my face with her fingers and gave me her honest assessment:

“You have pretty eyelashes, Mommy. And, I like your mouth. And your tongue. And the food in your belly.”

Can’t get any deeper than that.

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  1. 1


    So cute! And it’s so funny that they’re the quickest to say how big your butt is too. HA! I love precious little moments like that (the sweetness, not the big butt name calling).

    • 2


      I think that’s why the compliments threw me so off guard, Jenny. Since she’s been able to talk, my daughter has taken the most pleasure in calling me “big butt!” Of course, I’m also “big arm,” “big leg,” and so on. :-)

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